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Sine waves in PostScript

The following images illustrate how the step size can be varied to generate different Bézier approximations. The step size parameter should not be more than pi/2 radians (or you get results like this).

Step = pi/2 radian
Sine wave, step = pi/2 radians

Step = pi/3 radian
Sine wave, step = pi/3 radians

Step = pi/4 radian
Sine wave, step = pi/4 radians
(This approximation should be good enough for most purposes. The PostScript source for this annotated diagram is here.)

Step = pi/6 radian
Sine wave, step = pi/6 radians

As a parting thought, it's possible to get a decent approximation with a step as large as pi radians, by shifting the phase by pi/2:
Sine wave, step = pi/6 radians
(Code for this is here.)

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